Every religionist says the same thing as you do…oh they were all fake gods…well of course because man keeps creating fake gods in every generation and every generation accepts the fake god of the time. That’s no different from the food you eat, culture you grew up with, religion you practiced, language you spoke.

We didn’t understand why it rained, so we created a Rain God. When we came to understand meteorology, the Rain God was sacrificed on the alter of science. We have murdered our Gods in the name of progress. Now we have only a few gods left, and when we are a stronger minded species…we will kill them too.

All humans ever born were born without knowledge of any deity; and that follows, without a belief in God………… then along comes the creep… religion.  Religion, creeping around trying to prove the existence of the supernatural in the face of god myths, miracles and magic, is like shearing a pig – lots of squeals but little wool.

Children of religious parents are often indoctrinated into faith from birth. They are baptized – and baptism is irreversible – before they can give their consent, told Bible/Quran stories from earliest childhood as if they are unquestionable truth, and taken to church/mosque every day and every week.

It was only Abraham who started the One god concept but that was merely a way to lump all the failed gods into one but a thousand fake gods or one fake god are exactly the same. The speaking in tongues and the drinking of poison are quite stupid claims and I would dare anyone to drink the poison too because it doesn’t make any sense except to the believer who will end up in Jonestown lying lifeless on the ground. Yet Jews, Christians and Muslims are still in the middles ages, nay, in the stone age and they all believe prayer is meaningful and actually answered.

If there was a god it would be self evident without any book to tell you what and how and when etc. If prayer was ever answered why all the war, and hunger and mass death? For all the prayers that went out in 2004 by Christians, Jews and Muslims alike, it had absolutely no effect on the 250,000 or so victims who perished in the Christmas Tsunami. And to what did the few who survived give credit to? God and Prayer, of course.

Prayer does nothing for astronauts who get fried on re-entry, prayer does nothing for poverty and hunger and third world people, many of whom are religious also. Prayer did nothing to prevent the Gaza horror of recent and past violence. For all the hen pecking at the wailing wall, for all the kneeling in the confessional for all the bowing in Mecca, nothing changes and occasionally a stampede erupts and hundreds are injured or trampled to death at the height of a religious ceremony. In the last few years, how can that be?  For example in some past years at the Haj, hundreds of worshippers were crushed to death in human stampedes, why do you suppose that happened? The Haj was re-designed to prevent that from happening again but it is worth noting the question: who redesigned it, Allah or Man?

There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread said Mahatma Gandhi


Because the gods are myths now, as they always have been myths. Look at the worldly possessions that Egyptian Royalty were buried with to help them in the next world. When the mummies of the dead are dug up, the mummies have practically disintegrated into dust but the gold and artifacts that were placed with them are extracted and taken to museums or sold, all unused in the afterlife; albeit, used in another life; life that is, that exists thousands of years after; in other words, in our time.

The only afterlife there is, is the life that follows the life of the generation passing away. So let this be a testament of the fallacies and beliefs of passed away civilizations to the current generation.  All passed away generations, in one form or another, created the gods to explain what they couldn’t understand; sacrificed animals and humans to the  Gods for appeasement, for the Gods to bring rain, or ensure bumper crops to guard against famine.

The ancient generations expected to be buried with artifacts to help them in the next life; oh dreary imagination, exposing the folly of mankind past to mankind present that will inevitably reveal its own follies to mankind future. None of their beliefs will come to pass because beliefs are composed of prayers and prayers composed to Gods and Gods conceived by man from that beyond which a greater cannot be thought.

There is no honour in death; honour is for the living, heroes and martyrs are for the graves, wasted lives for a belief that only germinates in the brain through something called indoctrination.

Prayer is answered only by people who have the ability to answer or not answer.

You can pray to the judge for justice, you can pray to the dentist or the doctor for relief of your toothache or infection and you can even pray to Mom for money, or to the government for a student loan; those kinds of prayers have a degree of being answered or not, as the case may be, but to pray to a myth is useless.

I don’t have any problems being friends with people. When I was studying in University I had three best friends, One from Kuwait, One from Saudi Arabia and one from Iran. I supposed they were Muslim but we never talked religion, we played billiards in the pool halls, went to night clubs to meet girls and hung around chatting about common goals and desires of which going to heaven was never among them.

All religions offer Heaven, Nirvana or Jannah, pie in the sky dreams but why buy that for a minute and even though Christians all talk about going to heaven when you die, Jesus very clearly in the bible says that the “Kingdom is within you” and whether Jesus was a storybook character or not doesn’t matter; it doesn’t mean he wasn’t a good character and didn’t have wisdom to impart.

Where do you suppose Allah was 1500 years ago? before the book was written, where was Allah 4000 years ago when the Egyptians ruled? Where was Allah when Horus was the god of the generation? Allah wasn’t thought of yet, quite frankly.

When you try to think about the future, remember this:

The process with which you think about things is based upon indoctrination, what you’re given by society. So your RANGE of thought is limited by the dominant values of your society. We talk about civilization as though its a static state BUT,

There are no civilized people yet; civilization is a process that’s constantly going on. As long as you have war, police, prisons, crime, religion, you’re in the early stages of what they call, civilization.

All the wonders and marvels of technology can amount to nothing unless it elevates humans to their highest potential. If you would have been born in the west and brought up in Christian tradition you would more than likely be defending God and Christianity, If you were born in China, you probably would be a Taoist or a Buddhist and guess what language you would most likely be speaking?

We are all products of a bundle of experiences and the only thing I can say for absolute certainty is that we are all part of the human family each given a different set of values as we grow into adulthood and most of the values we are given we are stuck with for life. Only some of us are capable to break free from the shackles of tradition and seek the truth about the world and the world’s people when we become independent adults.

And in closing, the reality is this, regardless of what anyone believes, what is, IS, and belief being non knowledge, it doesn’t even matter about religion; when my friends at University were hungry I would treat them in the cafeteria; if they needed to talk about their girl friend I would listen. If you needed help and I was near, I would help you without one single care about what your religion was. If I can do that why would a God Almighty treat people any differently because of their belief?

I have called 911 for help for victims in trouble, ambulances, police, firefighters and never once in my life did I ever care about a man’s religion when there was a man in need: food for the hungry, water for the thirsty and care and attention as needed. One of the greatest joys in the world, is to give the joy of help to another human being who needs it; and I don’t even care what language you speak or if you eat french fries and hamburgers or pork or if you’re a vegetarian and eat rice as a staple food,

When I see you, I see me.

And that’s all there is of to life to be.

Because all we are, you and me,

Is just a part of Humanity.